Beauty is more than the way you look

It’s about the way you act. Beauty is being true to yourself and caring for those around you. It’s about making changes in your life that help make our world more beautiful. At Oriflame, we believe everyone can make a beautiful change.

Together we can make a difference We’re passionate about fulfilling dreams and creating opportunities to improve people’s lives. We help bring beauty and wellbeing to the many, respecting people and nature every step of the way. That’s why we celebrate people in the Oriflame community who go above and beyond. By sharing their stories, we inspire others to do the same. On their own, each change might appear small, but together they create a positive impact felt around the world. At Oriflame, we have the passion and the spirit to make a difference, and when we put our hearts into something, there’s no limit to what we can achieve—there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Our Approach

Our long-term goal is to become a fully sustainable company. This means living within the means of our planet, respecting our environment and contributing to a fair society where everyone can prosper. This is why, when formulating our products, we strive to use ingredients that are in accordance with our strong environmental policies and not environmentally harmful.


We believe that even the smallest change can make a difference. And that, when we make them together, they can create a lasting social impact. Here is a selection of stories that detail what we do, every day, to create that change.

Social impact

Oriflame has always been a passionate supporter of fulfilling dreams. And, although this is part of our business philosophy, it extends way beyond the charity work that we do and have done since Oriflame was first founded in 1967.