Wash Your Hands for the Greater Good

Wash Your Hands for the Greater Good

By practising simple personal hygiene habits, you can protect yourself and others from the new coronavirus. Here is why the lives and well-being of everyone rest in the hands of all!

Clean hands save lives
The current global outbreak of the coronavirus, Covid-19, has highlighted how the need for thorough handwashing is more crucial than ever. But the good news is proper handwashing can help to prevent the spread of all forms of infections.

Soaps in all formats are perfect for the everyday cleansing that`s proven to help slow or stop the spread of infection by changing the structure of the virus.

How to clean your hands
When we wash our hands, we need to wash them properly and regularly. Always with soap and for at least 20 seconds. It is crucial not to forget any area of the hands – the backs of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails. So simple, yet it can save lives. To learn more about the handwashing guidelines from the Worldwide Health Organization, please visit their website here.

Let’s care for our hands, too!
It’s also worth remembering that we should take care of our hands, too. When washing and sanitising them more often than usually, we strip them from moisture. Hence, moisturising regularly after each wash helps prevent dry and chapped skin.

We are in this together!
Everyone, whatever their economic status, deserves to be clean and healthy. By supporting others and reminding them of the importance of washing hands properly, we can all play our part in controlling the spread of the coronavirus and, together, protect the lives of loved ones worldwide.

The Editor’s Essential Mascara Guide

The Editor’s Essential Mascara Guide

Not every product fits everyone – especially when it comes to mascara. The one that looks great on your sister, friend or colleague might not work for you. No need to feel confused! Our Editor’s mascara guide will help you find the perfect one.

1. Sensitive
There are a lot of mascaras on the market, but if like me you have sensitive eyes, and on top of that wear contact lenses, you’ll know that finding the right one can be a challenge. As irritation is a chief concern, look for pH-balanced or hypoallergenic formulas that will lengthen lashes without discomfort.

You’ll like: The ONE 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara

2. Waterproof
Perhaps you’re crazy about swimming? Jogging? Skiing? When you’re a “tomboy”, you need a resilient mascara that’s smudge, humidity, water and – in your case – life-proof. Thanks to advancements in waterproof technology, there’s no need to give up wearing mascara even in the most extreme conditions. This is my “gym day” must.

Try out: The ONE Lash Resistance Mascara

3. Strength & Volume
Many people struggle with weak and brittle lashes that fall out easily. For an eyelash pick-me-up, invest in a volumising mascara that adds body and length without clumping. But I would also recommend that you treat your lashes too. Look for vitamin-rich formulas that condition while helping to reduce fallout. And if you’re shedding clumps of lashes, visit your doctor to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition.Wear this: Giordani Gold Lash Panorama Mascara

 4. Eyes Wide Open

If your eyes are small or sunken, a lengthening mascara will help create that wide-awake look you covet. Try the ONE Eyes Wide Open mascara for the eye mimetic brush that lifts lashes upwards from the roots and curls at the same time – it’s one of my all-time favourites.

My hero: The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara

5. Separating
It can be hard to achieve length, volume and precision-application without clumping. If this problem sounds familiar, look for a mascara with a lash-separating brush that gives evenly-coated, extended lashes with the added bonus of feeling lightweight. I love this for daywear.

A mascara-must: The ONE Volume Blast Mascara

6. Colour
Sometimes it’s nice to skip the traditional black mascara and try something different. When channeling the “barely-there” look, I like to switch to a brown mascara that won’t weigh down my lashes – this is a must for blonds and brunettes! And when tired, nothing beats a blue mascara that instantly brightens the whites of your eyes to make you look wide-awake.

Something different: Very Me Eye Lash Stylist

How to Pick the Floral Scent for You

How to Pick the Floral Scent for You

There’s a new trend in fragrance where perfumes focus on a single floral scent. But how do you know which floral suits you? Read our guide to find out!

Florals don’t just appeal to the female nose, they’re also at the heart of many men’s colognes. Take lavender – a scent that’s herbal characteristics are well-known to relieve stress and improve mood. If you’re looking for an aroma that’s synonymous with nature and the great outdoors, try Men’s Collection Cool Lavender Eau de Toilette.

Rose is one of perfume’s most versatile notes. It can be light and pretty or dark and seductive, depending on what other notes it’s paired with. But it’s the rose’s honeyed warmth that makes it recognisable in some of our favourite perfumes. If rose is the most dominant note, you can expect a scent that is uplifting and romantic. Sounds like you? Then try Volare Eau de Parfum or Volare Forever Eau de Parfum.

Imagine walking into a garden in full bloom. Those soft, powdery, ultra-feminine notes are what you’ll find in a lilac based scent. Women’s Collection Innocent White Lilac is a springtime favourite.

Even the most delicate of jasmine fragrances radiates seduction. Sometimes called “lady of the night” the evergreen shrub only flowers at night adding to its mystery. If you want a fragrance where jasmine’s velvety qualities are most-pronounced, try Paradise Eau de Toilette.

At once floral and woody, the elegant orange blossom has a timeless quality that radiates luxury. Capture the essence of this delicate flower with Giordani Gold Original Eau de Parfum.

Floral fragrances aren’t always pretty. Patchouli, for example, has an earthy, intoxicating aroma that can overwhelm some noses. Perfect for the confident woman or man, you’ll find this warm and spicy floral at the heart of Possess Eau de Toilette.

Beauty Trend: Take on the World with Matte Lips

Beauty Trend: Take on the World with Matte Lips

Women are taking the globe by storm! All over the world women are expressing themselves in unique ways – in the digital realm and in the real world. Women are influencing the millennial market and asserting their dominance. It’s a brave new world, it’s a bold new woman. Are your lips ready to tag the world with your matte uniqueness?

Positive Weapon for Self-Expression
Women are representing their perspectives and sensibilities in all sorts of ways. Are you running a new start-up? An influencer winning success? A Youtuber making an impression? Or maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie free-falling at 14,000 feet? No matter how you tag the world with your unique voice, your beauty is empowering. It’s a form of self-expression – one that is totally your own.

For me, I want to step into the Insta-frame make-up ready and walk back out into the real world without skipping a beat. I do this with no fuss by letting my lazy beach curls fall and my brightly hued matte lips do the talking. A bold matte lip is a classic way to make a simple look stand out.

Matte lipsticks and the vast choice of colours make these lipsticks a positive weapon for self-expression. I’m a convert. My matte lips are a reflection of me making a statement in the world and creating a signature look for myself – every day, moment to moment.

The new generation of mattes and the range of highly pigmented shades have converted me to a matte lover. If anything can stop people in their tracks, it’s The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Velvet. They are designed to ensure your lips are comfortable and get that incredible sleek matte finish. Time to max out with an impactful matte.

Matte Mentality
Matte is a mentality. Miley Cyrus once said, “Pink isn’t a colour, it’s an attitude.” I say, matte isn’t a lipstick, it’s a statement. For me, a matte pout is the way to go. No matter whether you’re sharing on Instagram or having a first date face-to-face, you can always express your uniqueness with a memorable matte!